Having a Bad Day?

Are you having a bad day? Are you feeling down? Do you feel like the world is against you? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone once in awhile. But what can you do if it feels like the bad days are more frequent than the good ones? Here are some tips.


Take a step back. Inhale, breathe. You need to allow yourself time to relax and think about the events that have happened to make you feel like your day was bad. Think about whether there was something you could’ve done to prevent it from being a bad day for you.

Count your blessings

Instead of dwelling on the negatives, try thinking about the positive things in your life. Daily, write in a journal ten things you are grateful for. When you’re feeling down, take your journal out and remind yourself that you are blessed. We all are blessed in many different ways. Sometimes we just need a friendly reminder.

Put things into perspective

Was the day all bad, or, did you just have a few unpleasant moments? I personally have a difficult time letting things go when I’m upset. If that is you also, I recommend thinking about who you’re really hurting by hanging onto your anger? Hint: it’s you. You are bringing yourself unwanted anxiety, stress and possibly other medical issues. Ask yourself if it is really worth it.

Don’t play the blame game

Does there really have to be blame placed anywhere? Could it be that life just happened? Don’t try to place the blame on anyone, including yourself, if there’s none to be had. Spending a lot of time trying to place blame wastes energy. Energy that could be used finding a solution to the problem.

Not everything is about you

Are you in the habit of taking everything personally? You’re not alone. I have this awful habit of thinking everything negative I see posted by friends or family on Facebook is about me. It usually isn’t but I can’t help but letting myself be upset by it. So remember, if it seems like the boss is being short with you, they may just have a lot on their mind and it has absolutely nothing to do with you. The same can be said for friends, just because they don’t contact you every day does not mean they’re mad at you, they could be busy.

Think Positive

Don’t worry be happy

I know, easier said than done when you’re having a bad day. Stop worrying about things that are beyond your control. Do what you can, that’s all you and anyone else can expect. If you’ve put forth your best effort and it still doesn’t work out it probably wasn’t meant to.

Ask for, and accept help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask for help. If help is offered, accept it. I know that sometimes asking or accepting help is difficult. No one wants to appear weak. In truth, it is a sign of strength to admit that you need help. Keep in mind that asking for and accepting help is different than expecting help.


You should view these ups and downs as a learning experience. Ask yourself if you’re really having a bad day, or is it just a bad moment? Remember to take the bad with the good and relax! Things will get better. Believe in yourself!

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2 thoughts on “Having a Bad Day?”

  1. Thank you for reminding me that we are alls blessed and that there is always something to be grateful for.
    I too am a worrier, and I am working on letting the crap just go. Unfortately, it is easier said than done. This morning has been a struggle for me. I will get through it and your post has helped.

    • You are so welcome! I can definitely relate to it being hard to let go. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for years and part of my reason for starting the blogs was to help myself while helping others. Hang in there and know that even in your weakest moments there is always something better coming. Feel free to reach out to me anytime!



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