Motivate Yourself to Succeed

Have you ever felt like a failure? Have you felt like you’re in a rut? Going nowhere? If you’re like millions of other people you answered yes to at least one of these questions. For whatever reason(s) you’ve let yourself believe that you are “less than.” Less than what you ask? Less than whatever you want to be. It is my hope that the information provided below will help you motivate yourself to succeed.

Determine your “why”

Before you can succeed you need to decide what you want to be successful at and why. For instance, I want to be a successful blogger. Why? Because I’ve been through a lot in my life and I want to help others. If by putting my experiences in writing I can do that then I will consider myself to be a success. Once you’ve determined your why you can begin to map out your route to success!

Vision Board

Begin planning

Now that you know your “why”, you will need to figure out what you need to do to get to your goal. This will take some thinking and research. I would recommend that you consider making a “To Do” list and set reasonable time limits for each item on the list. You may also want to make a vision board so you can see where you are on your journey. Vision boards can be a great source of encouragement.

Enlist help

Let people you know and trust in on your plans. You never know who might be able to help you in your quest. For example; you need to purchase commercial property. Do you have a friend who is a realtor? Or maybe you want to build your own space. Do you know someone who can point you in the right direction to get all of the permits you will need to build it? Help is always a good thing so you’re not burning yourself out trying to get everything set up. Remember, “two heads are better than one.”

Don’t let fear get in your way

We all fear the unknown. Don’t let your fears keep you from realizing your dream. Sure you’ll stumble and you will make mistakes, don’t let them stop you. While you’re mapping out your “To Do” list write down some of things you think may go wrong or may stop progress. If you can plan ahead and think about what you’ll do if these things DO happen then you’ll be much farther along than you would if they came as a surprise. Of course you can’t foresee the future but if you do your research you should be able to see where others have run into issues and perhaps avoid having the same ones.

Reward yourself

Remember how I told you to set time limits for tasks? While you’re at it, mark what you consider to be milestones. If you reward yourself when you meet certain milestones you may be more encouraged to continue your trek. Getting to your goal can be an uphill battle at times. To keep from burning out, do something fun. Maybe a weekend camping trip. Or how about a new laptop?

Believe in Yourself


Above all else believe in yourself! If you don’t, no one else will. You know you’ve got what it takes so hold your head high and do whatever you need to do to motivate yourself to succeed. You’ve got this!

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