Starting Your Own Website

How do you start a website when you’re technologically challenged?

One of the parts that I’ve discovered I like most about my job as a Buyer is writing. I’ve found that I love doing the research required as well as the writing so I decided that I would start my own website. The problem is that I’m technologically challenged and didn’t know how I was going to be able to start a website much less design it and keep it going.

My first website resulted from scrolling through Facebook where I saw an ad on how to become a blogger. I went to the advertised website and took advantage of some free training available through them. I thought I was doing pretty well because I went to the website hosting company that they recommended, paid the fees I needed to pay in order to start a website and I jumped right in. What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that none of the training had taught me how to design my website.

Getting Started

The information about how to start a blog was helpful in a lot of ways but like I said, I’m not very good with technology. Not knowing how to design my website wasn’t working very well for me so I did more research and that is when I found Wealthy Affiliate . Wealthy Affiliate also provides training but, they go into detail on how to get started, how to choose your niche and how to develop your website.

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The Answers to My Prayers

I couldn’t believe it! Free membership and training. The free membership gives you access to a community of other members to provide advice and help and even encouragement when you need it. The best part? They were using the same software I was using for my first website so now not only could I get a new website up and running, I could make changes to my other website as well.

I can’t say enough about the training program at Wealthy Affiliates. They are thorough and accurate and if you have any questions, like I said, there’s an entire community, including the founders of the company right there to help you.

I was fully prepared to use only the free membership to get going but….when you sign up for the free membership they offer you a discount on your first month of a premium membership. That means your first month of premium membership is $19 rather than $49. After your first month of premium membership you will be charged $49 per month unless you opt for an annual membership which is offered at a discount as well. With the premium membership you have unlimited access to training, certification, and 9 additional websites you can launch, and the opportunity to make more commissions. Oh, did I forget to mention commissions? Blogging and marketing can be lucrative if you are willing to work hard at it and the people at Wealthy Affiliate will show you how.

What do you have to lose? For more information click below.

Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate

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