The Most Annoying Habits that Occur in the Workplace

Have you ever noticed that there are days when every co-worker and every little thing that happens in the office annoys the heck out of you? It turns out that you’re not the only one. Read on for some of the most annoying traits exhibited by co-workers.

Too much information

These are the people who like to share EVERYTHING, from gossip about other employees to their own personal business. While sharing their own personal business is their prerogative, not everyone wants to hear it. As for sharing gossip about other employees, this is just a bad idea. There is some information that is confidential and even though the person being discussed may have freely given that information to some, they may not have given them permission to share it. The best thing to do is to avoid the TMI guy or girl.

Inside voices please

Use your inside voice

Have you ever noticed that some people are just naturally loud? Although they may not intend to be, it’s hard to avoid knowing more than you want to know about someone when you can hear every word they say whether they’re on the phone or talking to another co-worker. Loud voices also make it difficult for others to concentrate or to hold their own telephone conversations. Rule of thumb, try to be mindful of how much your voice projects and make adjustments to your volume.

Your mother doesn’t work here…

Please pick up after yourself. This includes washing your dirty dishes from lunch as well as cleaning out your leftovers from the refrigerator. Although the person who ends up cleaning after you will still get paid the same, I can guarantee you they have other work to do.

Personal hygiene

This is a touchy subject so I won’t spend a lot of time on it. Although we all love a nice smelling cologne or perfume, for some people it triggers allergy, asthma and possibly other types of attacks that cause difficulty breathing. Please be mindful of this when applying your scents before work.

Fashion emergency – what not to wear

Dirty or seriously wrinkled clothing is out of style as is provocative clothing. In some cases, jeans are acceptable but ripped, torn, or holes in them is not. While some workplaces allow hats such as baseball caps, they are not usually acceptable in an office situation. Use your discretion when choosing your work outfits.

Nail clipping

Please don’t clip your nails

Emergency repair? Okay. Giving yourself a complete manicure at work? Not okay. General consensus is, nail clipping is not appropriate in public.

The constantly ringing cell phone

Some people simply never put their cell phones in silent mode. This can be annoying to others in the office, especially if you’re a very popular person. The constant ringing and notification sounds can be very disruptive to others. Please remember to silence your phone, especially if you’re going to be away from your desk and you leave your phone in the office.

There’s ghosts employed here

You know them, they’re the employees you never actually see and you can’t contact them either. The inability to reach people can be very frustrating, especially if you’re the one being questioned as to their whereabouts and when they’ll return. The best solution is to share your calendar with the clerical staff so that at least one person will know where you are, when you’ll return, and how to reach you.

Calling or emailing after hours

These days a lot of people receive email notifications on their phones. This includes their work email. Nothing is more annoying than to be enjoying dinner with your family only to be interrupted by a notification that “you’ve got mail.” Just because some people choose to work late does not mean that everyone has to. Avoid emailing, texting, or calling co-workers after the normal work hours. This also means when your co-workers are on vacation or sick. They have a right to their time off just as you do so please be courteous and avoid contact after hours unless it’s an emergency.


Let’s face it, some people are real go-getters and some just aren’t. This can cause tension in the office if the go-getters feel that those that aren’t are simply being lazy. The person who works hard could feel as though they’re being taken advantage of. The best thing to do is talk to the person with the low output to see what’s going on. It’s possible that they “can’t” get it done vs. not wanting to get it done. If that’s the case maybe re-distributing the workload would be beneficial to everyone.


The person who avoids conflict at all costs

Sounds nice right? Good luck. If there are more than two people (the boss +1), chances are there will be a conflict at some point. When this happens, the worst thing you can do is avoid the problem. It’s best to deal with the individual(s) involved one-on-one. Will it be uncomfortable? Yes. However, if you ignore the issue and don’t deal with it you will end up with a big mess.

“Click your Bic”

Some may be too young to remember this advertising slogan for the Bic pens that are retractable. It is downright annoying when someone has one of these retractable pens and they constantly “click” it. Click-click, click-click or even worse, clicking it 10x quickly. It’s very tempting to go through the office and throw every retractable pen away!


Now that I’ve shared some of the most annoying habits that occur in the workplace, how many of them do you see yourself in? It’s not easy trying to please everyone all of the time, there are way too many personalities to be able to do that. However, everyone in the office should be mindful of their habits that may be annoying to others and at least try to curb them.

This brings to an end my “Going to Work” Series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. If any of the articles have helped you in any way or if you’d like to see more series type articles, please drop me a line.

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